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  4. What happens after you apply? 
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*******IMPORTANT NOTICE*******

Round 14 closure

The deadline for Round 14 claims is 31 July 2016.

All Round 14 voucher holders have been sent an information pack providing detailed information on the claim process.

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the voucher offer, there will not be any extensions to the claim deadline and any claims submitted after the 31 July 2016 deadline will not be processed for payment.

Any queries should be directed to our Customer Support Service at support@innovateuk.gov.uk or 0300 321 4357.


Future of Innovation Vouchers

This dedicated website will close shortly.

While Innovation Vouchers will remain part of Innovate UK's suite of business support products and may be used in future, there are no current plans for future rounds.

Further details on current funding available from Innovate UK is available on our website, www.innovateuk.gov.uk



Innovation Vouchers worth up to £5,000 can be used to pay for an external expert to help your business grow.

You can use this expert to get advice on a novel idea or to use design within your business. You can ask them to help you make the most of intellectual property (IP). You can also use Innovation Vouchers to buy time and support on specialist equipment or facilities.

Innovate UK can help you find and choose an expert from one of the following:

  • universities and further education colleges
  • research and technology institutes
  • technical consultancies and Catapult centres
  • design advisers
  • intellectual property advisers

Find out if you are eligible

To qualify for an Innovation Voucher you must:

  • be starting up or running a micro, small or medium-sized UK business
  • need help with something that's a real challenge for your business, not just a small improvement or change
  • have not worked with this expert before
  • have not had an Innovation Voucher from Innovate UK or the Technology Strategy Board before

You cannot use an Innovation Voucher to fund:

  • staff training
  • equipment
  • off-the-shelf software
  • marketing or branding items
  • standard business advice

How to apply for an Innovation Voucher

Innovate UK awards Innovation Vouchers periodically.  We enter eligible applications into a draw and choose winners at random. 

You will need to answer a few short questions about your idea. You will also need to tell us the impact it could have on your business and the kind of supplier that you want to work with. We will also ask you about the size of your business and details of any public support you have received in the last 3 years. 

You should expect to take around 30 minutes to complete your application.

What happens after you apply?

We select applications in a random draw. We will let you know online if you have been successful or not.

We may ask you for more information before offering you an Innovation Voucher. If you are successful, and have passed our eligibility check, we will give you 10 working days to accept our terms and conditions. You can then select a supplier of your choice. The supplier must be a UK-registered company or public sector organisation.

Once the work is complete, ask your supplier for a short report. We have published guidance on what this report should contain. Download the Guidance on Supplier Reports.

We will ask you to summarise what you have purchased with the Innovation Voucher and how it will benefit your business.

When you have paid your supplier's invoice, you can then redeem your Innovation Voucher with Innovate UK for up to £5,000. You cannot use the Innovation Voucher to pay for any VAT charged by your supplier. 

You must use the Innovation Voucher and claim the money from us by the published 'claim by' date, usually around 6 months. Before you apply, make sure you can complete everything on time.

We do not provide feedback on unsuccessful applications.

Other Innovation Voucher schemes

You may also be able to apply to other Innovation Voucher schemes operated locally or regionally. You can download a list of Innovation Voucher schemes here. 

If you need to access university research equipment, equipment.data.ac.uk is a useful source of advice.

If you know of any Innovation Vouchers scheme not listed here please contact us. You can email the details to support@innovateuk.gov.uk


Innovation Voucher Process

Innovation Voucher process flow diagram

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