Choosing a knowledge supplier

You may already have an idea where to find the expertise you are looking for and would like some other options to consider, or perhaps you are not sure yet.

Whatever is the case, we have put together some ideas on this portal for how to choose a supplier and details of organisations, such as our Knowledge Transfer Networks, who can provide you [WITH] further information. We hope these suggestions will guide you to the knowledge you need.

You may also like to refer to the CESG website to find CLAS (CESG Listed Advisor Scheme) consultants that can advise you on how to effectively manage your cyber risk within your business here: Please refer to the CESG website to find CHECK consultants to conduct a health check on your IT:

Who are CESG?

CESG are the government's national technical authority for information assurance. Working in partnership with industry and academia, CESG provide policy and assistance on the security of communications and electronic data.

CLAS is a partnership linking the knowledge of CESG with the expertise and resources of the private sector. CESG also have a list of approved companies with accredited penetration testers qualified to assess HMG systems – this is called CHECK. Companies that appear on the CESG's site as CLAS or CHECK accredited will be deemed suitable providers under this Innovation Voucher

You do not have to use one of the above consultants but you do need to use a qualified person who is either;

  • Certified by CESG for their CLAS, Check, CCP, Tiger or Crest scheme
  • OR
  • Can prove they are a suitably qualified by being a full member of a professional body such as the Institute of Information Security Professionals
To get you started view our guide »

Knowledge Transfer Networks

Need help in finding a supplier? One of our Knowledge Transfer Networks may be able to help with some advice.

  • Relevant to Data

  • ICT KTN avatar


    Creating a competitive advantage for the UK by facilitating knowledge exchange on Information and Communications Technologies and accelerating innovation.

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  • All other KTNs

  • Aerospace, Aviation and Defence KTN avatar

    Aerospace, Aviation and Defence

    Enabling innovation and collaboration across the UK Aerospace, Aviation and Defence enterprise.

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  • Biosciences KTN avatar


    Serving the Agriculture, Food and Industrial Bioscience Sectors

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  • Chemistry Innovation KTN avatar

    Chemistry Innovation

    Driving Innovation and Value for the chemistry-using industries

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  • Creative Industries KTN avatar

    Creative Industries

    We are the UK's knowledge transfer network for innovators in the creative industries…

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  • Electronics, Sensors, Photonics KTN avatar

    Electronics, Sensors, Photonics

    To be a beacon for successful wealth creation from knowledge.

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  • Energy Generation and Supply KTN avatar

    Energy Generation and Supply

    Together accelerating to a sustainable energy future

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  • Environmental Sustainability KTN avatar

    Environmental Sustainability

    Accelerating the UK's transition to a low carbon, resource and energy efficient economy in our priority areas

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  • Financial Services KTN avatar

    Financial Services

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  • HealthTech and Medicines KTN avatar

    HealthTech and Medicines

    Building a Healthy Nation through Business Innovation.

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  • Industrial Mathematics KTN avatar

    Industrial Mathematics

    Exploiting the power of mathematics.

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  • Nanotechnology KTN avatar


    Accelerating innovation in nanoscale technologies.

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  • Materials KTN avatar


    The Materials KTN aims to bring together the materials supply chain to improve industrial innovation and global competitiveness of UK business

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  • Modern Built Environment KTN avatar

    Modern Built Environment

    Our mission is to increase the exploitation of innovation in the built environment for demonstrated business benefit.

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  • Transport KTN avatar


    Seeking innovative business opportunities from greater intermodal transport integration; addressing congestion, safety, freight logistics and greenhouse gases.

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