Innovation Vouchers for Open Data Innovators and Inventors

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Do you have an early stage business idea that can take advantage of open data?  Do you need access to particular skills, expertise or technology to prove your idea or further develop and accelerate the development of a working prototype?

This Innovation Voucher is available to support SMEs, entrepreneurs and early stage start-ups who see value in using open data to invent new propositions, develop ideas to proof of concept stage or innovate on existing products and services to find new value.

Please make sure you read the guidance carefully on what open data is and how you can use it - this is not an 'open call' for projects in any topic area.  You need to show us how your idea will make use of or generate open data as a business opportunity.

Open data background
Open data can create opportunities for organisations to make more robust decisions, uncover cost savings and get to know customers better.

What is open data and what is the opportunity?
Open data is information that is available for anyone to use, for any purpose, at no cost.
More information on open data and The Open Data Institute can be found here:

Governments around the world (with particularly strong leadership in the UK) continue to open up large amounts of public sector information.  Initially, open data gave citizens and the media the chance to uncover poor performance or behaviour.  Increasingly, open data supply and demand has begun to spread into new sectors, and has started to play an important role in the economy as businesses, entrepreneurs and a whole new breed of business models have started to emerge from what is fast becoming a new self sustaining marketplace - powered by open data.

Innovation Vouchers for open data business innovators and inventors can be used to secure specialist consulting and services to help:

- Businesses looking to launch new tools and services that help speed and ease the supply, demand and utility of open data (e.g. visualisation tools, analytics tools, open data publishing platforms)
- Specific use of open data to create new insights and unlock social, environmental, economic value or a blend of all three
- An idea that brings together and focuses on collaborative creation of open datasets
- A business looking to publish new sources of open data or added value on top of open data
- New apps that make use of open data and might provide new services delivering value to citizens, businesses or consumers
- A new business looking to develop an idea into a working prototype.
- Specialist consulting and technical support focussed on the integration of open data with other proprietary data sources to develop products and prototypes

Please be clear in your application about how you will use or create open data.  This opportunity is not for ideas using or creating data that does not meet the description of open data above.  ODI can advise you if you're not sure if your idea is eligible.

Need more information?
Want to know more? Want to talk to someone about your idea?  The Open Data Institute can help to guide you on the kinds of ideas that might be eligible for this Innovation Voucher and put you in touch with potential sources of data and expert suppliers.


Public Open data sources
Example sites through which open data can be searched found and sourced include but are not limited to: (search open data)

Recent market insights         
Open Data Case studies:
Dec 2012 / Deloitte report / Open Growth
NHS Efficiency savings:

Choosing a knowledge supplier

You may already have an idea where to find the expertise you are looking for and would like some other options to consider, or perhaps you are not sure yet.
Whatever is the case, we have put together some ideas on this portal for how to choose a supplier and details of organisations, such as our Knowledge Transfer Networks, who can provide you further information. We hope these suggestions will guide you to the knowledge you need.
To get you started view our guide »

Key data

Value: £5000

Opening date: 27/01/2014
Closing date: 29/04/2014

Sector Eligibility: Ideas using open data
Business Size: SME and sole trader
Location Eligibility: UK

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